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iPad in Business — Doctors Want it, Omni Group Gets it

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While much of iPad presentation thus far has been focused on content consumption, Apple’s iWork demo and the ability to run iPhone productivity apps — and eventually iPad-specific apps — as well as 1024×768 web apps means it’s got a fighting chance in business, especially key verticals like medicine, and with developers like Omni Group.

First up, 9to5mac reports that in a survey by medical lynch-pin Epocrates [Free – iTunes link], up to 60% of doctors were at least considering an iPad:

  • 9 percent want it now
  • 13 percent want it this year
  • 38 percent were interested and wanted more info

Next, Mac developer Omni Group, which has dipped a toe into iPhone development with Omni Focus [$19.99 – iTunes link], has decided to port than entire portfolio of apps — OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, OmniPlan, OmniFocus, and OmniGraphSketcher — to iPad even if it delays development of the Mac versions:

Remember how Macintosh was intended to be the computer “for the rest of us“? That’s what we feel Apple’s iPad is: the best computing device for most of the things people use computers for. (Or, as Apple puts it, “the best way to experience the web, email, and photos.”) It’s the computer people can sit down and start using immediately, without training, whether they’re 2 or 92.

Having seen many workers struggle with inelegant interfaces and fidget with poorly conceived controls, the idea of a great app on a 9.7″ multitouch screen will no doubt be highly appealing to some. An app that could work across iPhone, iPad, and desktop could also allow for quick reference when on the go, easy exploration when on site, and powerful organization and reporting when back at the desk. Sound appealing to you?

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